We’re really sorry, but the Grimshaw exhibition in the Art Gallery and the West Wing of the Rotunda Museum are currently closed due to water leaks following recent heavy rainfall. We’re working to open them again as soon as possible – thanks for your understanding. 

Rotunda Rocks and Fossils

Lower Key Stage 2

Inspired by geologist William Smith, get hands-on with rocks and fossils comparing and contrasting specimens. Discover the process of fossil formation, examine and sketch fossils and find out what they tell us about prehistoric life in Scarborough. Complete with lab coats, pupils will then find out about different types of rocks, carry out experiments and investigate their properties.

  • Pupils will work scientifically
  • Pupils will describe how fossils are formed
  • Pupils will group and compare rocks on the basis of the properties
  • Pupils will use geographical vocabulary to refer to their local area

2 hour workshop – £80