We’re really sorry, but the Grimshaw exhibition in the Art Gallery and the West Wing of the Rotunda Museum are currently closed due to water leaks following recent heavy rainfall. We’re working to open them again as soon as possible – thanks for your understanding. 

Arts Award: Discover in a Day

Two people sat at a blue table. One person has black hair and the other person has blonde hair and a blue jumper and is holding a red roller in a red tray of blue ink

Key Stage 1 and 2

Arts Award Discover in a Day is an accredited qualification from Trinity College London. Come and discover the art on your doorstep and get messy making your own art during this great enrichment opportunity! 

  • Spend the morning exploring Scarborough Art Gallery and investigating local artworks and artists
  • Create observational drawings of works of art
  • Take part in a print-making workshop
  • Talk about their work and present it in an ‘exhibition’
  • Record their experience in their Arts Award logbook

We have developed the day to support Key Stage 1 and 2 and is also suitable for SEND schools.

  • Pupils will learn about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers.
  • Pupils will record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas
  • Pupils will learn a simple printing technique and will improve their mastery of printing

Full day – £140


  • Includes An Arts Award Discover in a Day logbook
  • Art Materials to complete Arts Award Discover in a Day
  • Arts Award Discover in a Day Certificates from Trinity College London, usually £4 per student