From Local to Global

An exploration of Scarborough’s colonial past through the Harrison collection – a fascinating selection of diaries, photographs, taxidermy and gramophone discs. This project will examine past and present attitudes towards Africa and investigate the impact of colonialism on contemporary global issues.

Colonel James Harrison (1857-1923) of Brandesburton Hall, East Yorkshire, undertook expeditions to the Congo in 1904 and 1908. Harrison hunted for sport and brought back six indigenous people of the Ituri Forest for public exhibition.

The theme ‘Local to Global’ will use this local collection as a starting point to help us understand wider national and global issues and topics, such as indigenous rights, conservation, biodiversity and habitat loss, to develop thinking around how the actions of individuals can impact both negatively and positively on creating a sustainable world. The project is fuelled by research on these themes, which is gathered and published as regular articles on the project website. 

Creating connections and networks of knowledge has been vital to the momentum of the project – there is work taking place to link to partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which will bring the context up-to-date and widen knowledge about shared environmental concerns. 

On a more local scale, the cohort of Citizen Researchers, a group of volunteers from the Scarborough area, are working hard on examining and researching the collection held in the stores at Scarborough Museums and Galleries.

The project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, managed by Scarborough Museums and Galleries, working in partnership with North Yorkshire Libraries.

If you love local history, are looking to learn a new skill and connect with the collections at Scarborough Museums and Galleries, then you might like to become a volunteer Citizen Researcher. 

You can find out more about how to get involved by emailing us or you can drop in to a Citizen Research Session: 

Tuesday 5 July, 1-2pm | Woodend
Tuesday 12 July, 1-2pm | Woodend
Tuesday 19 July, 1-2pm | Scarborough Library

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