‘Trawlers Waiting for their Crews’

Ernest Dade (1868 – 1936)
Trawlers Waiting for their Crews, 1893

A member of the Staithes Group – an art colony based in the North Yorkshire fishing village of Staithes – Dade studied at Scarborough School of Art (1885-86). Founded in 1882, the art school became renowned for its teaching and Scarborough continued to be a centre for art education, most famously through its North Riding Summer Schools in the 1950s. Many leading artists of the time tutored at the Summer Schools. Exponents of the Basic Design Movement (Tom Hudson, Harry Thubron, Wendy and Victor Pasmore) ran the summer schools in Scarborough organised by North Riding Education Authority in 1954 and 1956. The Basic Design Movement challenged traditional, academic methods practised schools of art in the early and middle 20th century and became a model for the newly introduced pre-diploma courses, which we now know as foundation courses and work on similar lines today.