Sensory and Accessibility pack now available

This pack is a culmination of sensory maps and accessibility information for all three Scarborough and Museums Galleries venues. They have been created to support individuals, families and schools with their visit to venues. We hope they will be particularly useful for visitors who prefer to know ‘what to expect’ before a visit, and hope this will help to reduce anxiety too.

Click here to open the Sensory and Accessibility Pack (PDF)

This project has been possible through partnership work with some amazing groups to try and make sure the maps were relevant and useful. We would especially like to thank families from Closer Communities and Yorkshire Coast Families, young people and staff from Blueberry Academy, Woodlands Academy and Springhead Sixth Form. The groups helped us to understand what sensory information would be useful and they gave the design team at Fitzpatrick a real insight into making accessible emojis. Working with the tenants at Woodend to co-create the new map for Woodend was essential. It was great to work with Woodend tenants, Fitzpatrick Design, who did a brilliant job of pulling together all the ideas and have been a constant support throughout the process.

There are some challenges around physical access in Scarborough because of the hilly terrain and small number of accessible toilets. The Mobility Access map aims to link the three Scarborough Museums and Galleries venues, helping visitors to identify where the toilets are, and identify the most accessible route when travelling between venues, when using a wheelchair of mobility scooter. Working with staff from Castle House Day Centre and Scarborough’s Disability Forum to develop this map was invaluable.

As the venues evolve with new exhibitions and new understanding of what we can do to support access, the maps will be reviewed regularly, so for the most up-to-date version, please visit the access page.