Rewilding with artist Lauren Saunders

April 2023

In March it was great to welcome a group of year 10 students from Graham School to the Art Gallery to take part in a series of workhops facilitated by artist Lauren Saunders. Exploring themes of gardens, water, fire and the coast, the students were invited to explore ways in which human care and empathy for nature and the environment might be represented creatively. At the start of each session Lauren would encourage everyone to relax and meditate with her which really helped tuning into the ambient sounds and sights.

Taking inspiration of the views of the Valley Gardens from Space To Be, artworks of patterns on paper, card and canvas were created. To make their artworks students were encouraged to use safely found natural items such as sand, dried seaweed, leaves and feathers. One sketched and coloured plants and flowers, and another created an embroidery which said; ‘The less we see with our eyes the more we see with our hearts’, in braille.

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