James Brunt: Coastal Ecologies will now run from Saturday 6 July – Sunday 1 September 2024 at Scarborough Art Gallery

Your Collection, Your Museum

There’s so much more to the collections than the objects and artworks on display and we’d like to share this with you. We don’t have the space to display everything, which is why we offer you the chance to find out more about items in the reserve collections and how we care for them.

We’d love to hear from you if you are looking to:

  • find out more about a particular part of the collection
  • access the collection for research purposes 
  • donate an object to the collection

It may take up to 2-3 weeks to answer your enquiry. Thank you for your patience.

For any commercial enquiries, including those for personal gain, a member of the Scarborough Museums and Galleries Collections Team will contact you to agree terms and conditions dependent on the nature of each individual request.

As the Scarborough Museums and Galleries team is small we will endeavour to answer enquiries about the collection and venues as quickly as possible, free of charge. However, we do not have the facilities to conduct research or engage in correspondence on behalf of members of the public. For any enquiries involving a detailed written response and/or lengthy periods of staff time Scarborough Museums and Galleries requests that a minimum donation of £25 is made to contribute towards administrative costs.

Collections Development Policy

The collections are still growing, as we collect more information about Scarborough’s history and culture. As standard practice when taking on any new items, we ensure that we adhere to our collections policy.

Top 50 Objects

With thousands of objects in the collection, we invite you to explore and learn about these gems…